February 26 2018  |  Inflight Entertainment

JAL tests out new offering from Skylights

By Rick Lundstrom

The new Allosky headset from Skylights weighs in at 135 grams

Japan Airlines Co., Ltd. (JAL) recently showed SkyLights’ Cinematic VR Entertainment to a delegation of VIP guests traveling at the end of January between Japan, India and Sri Lanka.

SkyLights is a virtual reality headset that creates cinema quality entertainment inflight. With SkyLights headsets, the 50 VIP passengers had a selection of more than 30 titles, including 180°/360° VR videos, 3D and 2D feature films and documentaries.

SkyLights is now focusing on global expansion with its Allosky headset. The headset offers 2K resolution and weighs in at 135 grams and is geared towards a premium passengers experience. Its first commercial deployments are scheduled for late March.

“As one of the noteworthy events in these charter flights, JAL provided customers with a VR inflight entertainment experience. Skylights has a track record of offering VR in an airplane, and we chose them as a partner for their speedy equipment preparation and high quality video catalog. Customers who experienced the VR videos praised the content and we did not have any problems such as VR sickness. I’m very happy to have made the project successful and I would like to thank Skylights for their cooperation,” said a JAL Sales Vice President.

“We are delighted to take our first real step into the Asian market with an innovative airline of world-class standard. JAL have made a vote of confidence in our solution and we are honored to have been able to work with them to introduce a new type of experience to their premium passengers,” said David Dicko, SkyLights CEO.

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