Connectivity & Satellites

June 21 2024

Viasat marks one year anniversary…

Interview with Viasat’s Maik Brückner

March 27 2024

Telesat and ThinKom expand agreement…

The resulting connectivity will enable airline passengers to access reliable Internet connection from gate to gate

November 1 2023

Delta Air Lines selects Hughes…

This marks the first direct-to-airline IFC deal for Hughes

May 25 2022

Deutsche Telekom and Inmarsat collaborate…

Partnership features boosted capacity of European Aviation Network

May 24 2022

Inmarsat unveils Jet Connex Evolution…

JX Evolution will leverage Inmarsat's Ka-band satellite network

May 24 2022

Inmarsat and Honeywell launch SwiftJet

Satellite communications to offer speeds up to six times faster than existing solutions

March 18 2022

FlyExclusive selects SmartSky for…

SmartSky flies on FlyExclusive

March 15 2022

Intelsat expands IFE with order…

Taurus Modems are backwards compatible and designed for commercial aviation

February 15 2022

Anuvu secures deal with Telesat

Agreement provides Anuvu with 10 Gigabits of Ka-band capacity

December 1 2021

FAA approves and certifies next-gen…

High performance terminal developed with GDC advanced technology

November 30 2021

Anuvu secures $50 million commitment…

Anuvu secures $50 million to support Anuvu Constellation

February 9 2021

Telesat introduces Lightspeed broadband…

Thales Alenia Space selected to manufacture the LEO broadband network

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