January 26 2024  |  Connectivity & Satellites

Viasat + Inmarsat Connects looks back on 2023 milestones

By Robynne Trueman

ViaSat + Inmarsat Connects shared a look back on 2023 in its year-in-review message this week, marking milestone achievements in the company’s growth and technical innovation. From an acquisition it calls “game-changing” to building new partnerships in the connectivity space, the company had many reasons to celebrate last year and is looking ahead to endeavors in 2024.

On May 31, 2023, ViaSat officially acquired Inmarsat, in a deal that allowed the two companies to bring together their range of connectivity assets, including 19 satellites in space spanning Ka-, L- and S- bands.

“We are thrilled to welcome Inmarsat’s employees, customers, shareholders and partners into the Viasat ecosystem,” said Mark Dankberg, Chairman and CEO, Viasat, at the time of the acquisition. “The combination of our companies brings together the people, technology, innovation, network assets, spectrum resources and global partnerships needed to help connect the world more affordably, securely and reliably. Together, we believe we are positioned to offer customers a multi-layered network that gives them the right connectivity at the right time, place and price.”

The company calls the acquisition its “major highlight of the year”, delivering the resources and technology necessary to better connect the aviation industry and beyond.

“Together, we believe we are positioned to offer our customers a multi-layered network that gives them the right connectivity at the right time, place and price,” ViaSat said.

Other ViaSat milestones in 2023

In addition to the combination of the two companies in 2023, significant successes for ViaSat last year included:

  • Broadening its one-stop IoT solution, ELEVATE, with new partners, including AtomBeam and SnapGIS
  • The company’s IFE system was also selected by Malaysia Airlines to outfit its 737-8 fleet
  • Viasat was awarded a $900M IDIQ contract from the United States Space Force for Proliferated LEO satellite services
  • Completed thermal vacuum testing for two satellite payloads GX10A + 10B, furthering the goal to connect the Arctic with high-speed broadband Internet

Seeing ViaSat's IFE system selected for Malaysia Airlines was a large part of the company's growth in the aviation industry, specifically the Asia-Pacific region, last year.

Malaysia Airlines selected ViaSat's IFE system for its 737-8 fleet in 2023

“We greatly admire Malaysia Airlines’ award-winning customer experience approach and have enjoyed working closely with the team to create a tailored connectivity solution for its new Boeing 737-8 aircraft and anticipated routes,” said Don Buchman, VP and GM, Commercial Aviation at ViaSat. “The initial deliveries of these new aircraft equipped with the Viasat system is an exciting milestone for our partnership with Malaysia Airlines, and, more broadly, for in-flight connectivity in the Asia Pacific region.”

Later this year, ViaSat + Inmarsat Connects will officially change its name to ViaSat Connects, further merging the two companies.

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