October 27 2023  |  Inflight Entertainment

FlightPath3D launches its AI Flight Feed

By Robynne Trueman

FlightPath3D's AI Flight Feed platform

FlightPath3D is redefining inflight experiences through AI Flight Feed. The technology blends real-time flight data with artificial intelligence (AI) to provide passengers with dynamic content throughout their journey.

AI Flight Feed is an app that provides insights and content to passengers before, during and after they travel. It acts as a personal AI-empowered travel companion to provide:

  • Real-time flight updates
  • Suggestions for activities at the destination
  • Insights into future travel adventures
  • Exclusive airline loyalty offers

“Using flight schedules, aircraft location and flight data, AI Flight Feed creates a live travel story — highlighting flight progress, pointing out landmarks below, spotlighting destination events like concerts, suggesting next travel adventures, boosting loyalty rewards, and offering exclusive flight deals. It's like having a personal inflight concierge," said Duncan Jackson, President of FlightPath3D.

AI Flight Feed is a tool that passengers can use for travel suggestions and content curation. It understands the aircraft’s current location, destination, and airline schedules, the press release said. It also knows how to tailor its suggestions based on these factors to resonate with each passenger.

For airlines, the platform helps with brand distinction, promoting loyalty programs and diversifying revenue, the press release said.

AI Flight Feed is also adaptable, allowing for integration with inflight entertainment systems, apps or digital platforms.

"With AI Flight Feed, we're not just redefining inflight entertainment; we're pioneering the future of travel," said Jackson. "A future where technology and human experience meld seamlessly."

The company also shared in its press release that AI Flight Feed provides insights into arriving and departing flights, supporting airports, airlines and passengers from terminal to sky.

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