September 14 2023  |  Connectivity & Satellites

Hanwha Phasor joins OneWeb network

By Alex Preston

Hanwhar Phasor is readying to access the OneWeb constellation following a User Terminal Development Agreement

Hanwha Phasor and OneWeb have signed a User Terminal Development Agreement paving the way on collaboration to develop a new inflight connectivity terminal that will enable airlines to connect their aircraft, passengers, and crew over OneWeb’s Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite communication network.

The agreement enables Hanwha Phasor to formalize testing for Type Approval certification which will give the business access to the OneWeb network of over 600 LEO satellites. Hanwha Phasor has been working since December 2021 to meet the requirements to join the OneWeb network. The agreement between the two businesses formalises this work and marks and important step on the road to accessing the OneWeb constellation. The terminal is scheduled for certification in 2025.

“We are proud to announce this agreement which formalizes over 18 months of hard work. Producing a terminal for the OneWeb network is an important step towards providing full satellite communications for our customers. We look forward to working closely with OneWeb over the coming months to receive for certification on their satellite constellation,” said Dominic Philpott, Chief Operating Officer of Hanwha Phasor in a September 12 press release.

For its part, OneWeb will provide support to Hanwha Phasor on modem integration, terminal debugging and satellite airtime. “We are excited to partner with industry leader Hanwha Phasor to deliver seamless, high-performance connectivity to our airline customers and their passengers. Together we look forward to enabling even more passengers, flying on current and future commercial aviation aircraft to enjoy high-speed, low latency connectivity — delivering a connected experience that is limited only by their imagination, not the available bandwidth,” added Massimiliano Ladovaz, Chief Technology Officer at OneWeb.

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