September 12 2023  |  Connectivity & Satellites

Latest type-approval for ThinKom opens up further opportunities for commercial aviation

By Alex Preston

ThinKom's Ka2517 terminal is now with access to even more Ka-band satellites around the world

ThinKom Solutions, Inc. has secured type approval for communications across Avanti Communications’ fleet of HYLAS Ka-band satellites. The agreement covers both the ThinAir Ka2517 antenna for commercial aviation and the GT 2517 full-spectrum terminal for government and military services.

“We’re proud of the market-leading performance our terminals bring to the industry,” noted Bill Milroy, ThinKom’s Chairman and Chief Technology Officer in a September 12 statement. “With the Avanti HYLAS type certification, we’re able to once again extend available communication options with the addition of yet another key satellite constellation, further increasing the reach for our customers.”

The ThinAir GT 2517 satcom aero terminal builds on ThinKom’s field-proven, patented VICTS phased-array technology. VICTS antennas have an unparalleled record of reliability with over 40 million hours of accrued flight time and a mean-time-between-failure exceeding 100,000 hours. The ThinAir GT platform supports the full range of Ka-band frequencies,

The ThinAir terminals deliver throughput on forward and return links across Avanti’s high-throughput beams, allowing customers to provide real-time data and communications. The low-profile ThinAir terminals mean more fuel-efficient aircraft activity for lower aircraft operating costs and extended time on station. The flight-proven, high reliability of ThinAir systems also reduces aircraft downtime and component swap requirements previously needed for different mission deployments.

Avanti’s fleet of four HYLAS Ka-band satellites offer 50Ghz capacity, through 100 fixed beams, five steerable beams and a steerable cluster of eight beams delivering services across EMEA, Asia and the Americas.

“At Avanti, we are committed to delivering the very best service to our customers and users. Our Ka-band high-throughput satellite capacity delivers assured, flexible high-capacity connectivity for every requirement. This latest type-approval for ThinKom will help further our shared mission to deliver security and reliability to those who need it most,” added Donald Walker, Senior Vice President of Government and Defense at Avanti.

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