July 25 2023  |  Connectivity & Satellites

ASIP Tech adds ChatGPT to fflya app

By Alex Preston

ASIP Tech has integated ChatGPT into its Bluetooth, free messaging platform, fflya

ASIP Tech has added AI into its fflya airline free messaging platform, with the integration of ChatGPT.

Flying with Hungarian low cost carrier, Wizz Air, ASIP Tech's fflya is the only Iridium Bluetooth messaging platform in airline operation connecting everyone onboard with a flight proven single satellite router, using dual certified aircraft window antennas. fflya combines free messaging including SMS, Email and WhatsAp in a single app.

"Adding fflyaGPT to our app creates a whole new level of information, fun and entertainment,” commented ASIP Tech President Ron Chapman in a recent release. “Passengers can ask fflyaGPT any question and using Ai fflya will deliver an informative and intelligent reply. fflyaGPT will enhance the passenger’s journey. They can ask questions about their destination, create an itinerary, learn about the history of a country, its customs or find out about free annual events. fflyaGPT will tell you what you need to know without the heavily sponsored and biased approach of today's search engines. It’s an information revolution.”

Using Bluetooth, fflya provides a single seamless source for everyone on board, facilitating SMS, WhatsApp, Email and now ChatGPT. It eliminates the need for multiple transceivers and dual meshed server boxes which double the system, data and installation costs. According to the company, its proprietary Bluetooth fflya app cuts the data cost by up to 95 percent and ASIP underwrites the program with a unique and exclusive sponsorship platform, while generating new revenue for the airline.

fflya also delivers two stage verified In-app credit card payment, Tap and Go, telemetry and a full fleet secure messaging network to enhance crew operational efficiencies.

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