March 14 2023  |  Connectivity & Satellites

Orbit Communication Systems targets regional jet for inflight connectivity

By Alex Preston

The AirTRx 30 (left) and AirTRx 46 (right) terminals are an ideal solution for regional jets, where space is limited

Orbit Communication Systems Ltd, has introduced the AirTRx system for continuous communication for regional jets.

The systems are extremely compact and can be installed either on the tail of the aircraft or on the fuselage — the AirTRx 30 has a 12-inch antenna and weighs less than 22 pounds. The AirTRx 46 has an 18-inch antenna and weighs less than 32 pounds. The systems have the lowest power consumption of any respective terminal on the market.

The parabolic configuration of the AirTRx enables low elevation look angles down to zero degrees, without any noticeable decrease in performance, and the round and symmetrical aperture delivers the same performance at all skew angles. According to the company, when installed on the tail of the aircraft, under the fin cap, the extremely light systems reduce fluttering dramatically.

Both systems deliver high-speed, high-resolution video and data, in real time — the 12-inch terminal delivers a 140 Mbps+ forward link and a 40 Mbps+ return link; the AirTRx 46 terminal delivers 50 Mbps+ return link with ample fade margins. Easy to install and service, the fully-integrated 2 Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) terminal consists of a RF antenna assembly (including all RF components) an ARINC600 4MCU MODMAN unit.

As Daniel Eshchar, CEO of Orbit Communication Systems, explained in a March 6 press release, “AirTRx systems have already been installed and proven on various aircraft around the world; the unique technology, configuration and low weight provide a precise answer to reginal jets as well. We anticipate many collaborations with our customers in the US and other regions.”

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