November 8 2022  |  Connectivity & Satellites

Netskrt's software technology brings content delivery to "the extreme edge"

By Rick Lundstrom

Sig Luft, Founder, President and CEO at Netskrt Systems Inc.

When the aviation industry moves further away from exclusively stored video and more toward cloud-based solutions, companies like Vancouver-based Netskrt will be one of the players helping the airlines meet the demand from consumers armed with personal devices.

Netskrt has developed software technology that brings content delivery to “the extreme edge” said Sig Luft Founder, President and CEO at Netskrt Systems Inc., who spoke to PAX staff about the company’s capabilities at the APEX EXPO in Long Beach. According to Luft, Netskrt hopes to use an aircraft’s cache in order to allow passengers to use existing streaming apps to feed content locally while in flight.

“For us, our primary function is on the connectivity side,” said Luft. With Netskrt technology, passengers connected to an aircraft’s Wi-Fi can resume streaming content with apps on their personal devices, picking up where they left off with movies and other entertainment. With the company’s edge Content Delivery Network (eCDN) passengers will be able to access the same streaming content in the very same way they do at home.

Netskrt is currently operating on some trains in Europe. In aviation, Luft said airlines have an opportunity to move away from costly licensing for entertainment content and offer their passengers what they want - the ability to watch the video streaming services they already subscribe to.

Luft sees possibilities for cost saving by Netskrt customers in commercial aviation as they reduce content costs, and protect bandwidth for other content services, such as the growing demand for online shopping, communications/messaging, and social media. At APEX, Thales announced that they are working with Netskrt to make video streaming services part of airline inflight entertainment services. The company is looking forward to delivering video streaming services across the transportation spectrum.

This story was written with files from Stephanie Philp

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