April 27 2022  |  Connectivity & Satellites

Starlink to provide free Wi-Fi on Hawaiian Airlines

By Jayson Koblun

Hawaiian and Starlink expect to begin installing the product on select aircraft next year

Hawaiian Airlines has announced an agreement with Starlink to provide complimentary high-speed internet access to passengers onboard flights between the islands and the continental US, Asia and Oceania with its SpaceX solution.

The airline said in an April 25 press release it will equip its A330 and A321neo aircraft, as well as an incoming fleet of 787-9s, with Starlink’s solution.

“Our guests can look forward to fast, seamless and free Wi-Fi to complement our award-winning onboard Hawaiian hospitality,” said Hawaiian Airlines President and CEO Peter Ingram.

Hawaiian and Starlink are in the initial stages of implementation and expect to begin installing the product on select aircraft next year. Hawaiian is not currently planning to deploy the service on its Boeing 717 aircraft that operate short flights between the Hawaiian Islands.

“Hawaiian Airlines is ensuring its passengers will experience high-speed internet the way we expect it in the 21st century, making hassles like downloading movies before takeoff a relic of the past,” said SpaceX Vice President of Starlink Commercial Sales Jonathan Hofeller. “With Starlink, the inflight experience is greatly simplified so that once passengers step onboard the plane the internet works seamlessly throughout their flight. Soon, passengers will enjoy all the benefits of having the world’s best inflight internet connectivity from the comfort of their seats.”

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