March 11 2022  |  Connectivity & Satellites

Viasat named connectivity provider for Breeze Airways

By Rick Lundstrom

Viasat Inc. will outfit Breeze Airways’ A220-300 fleet with its in-flight connectivity (IFC) solution, the company announced this week.

Breeze has 80 A220s on order with an option for an additional 40. While Breeze will operate the Airbus A220 starting in May, the first aircraft featuring Viasat connectivity is expected to enter service in October 2022.

Breeze aims to make travel more digitally accessible and seamless — whether that is through a simple app or through deploying Viasat’s IFC, a high-capacity, Ka-band satellite network.

“The key to providing content-rich in-flight internet experiences to Breeze Guests and crew is the satellite bandwidth offerd by Viasat’s network,” said a relase from the company. “This includes capacity that meets high service demand in certain geographical areas throughout the day, such as busy airport hubs or popular flight routes during peak travel hours. Regardless of how many Breeze guests or crew are connected, Viasat’s network is designed to deliver consistent, high-speed internet to each connected device.”

“Our vision for in-flight connectivity extends way beyond just delivering high-quality streaming and internet speeds. It will enable us to offer a fully-integrated and seamless experience through the Breeze app, giving our Guests unparalleled access to a wide array of personalized services and options,” said Breeze Founder and CEO David Neeleman. “We identified a natural partner in Viasat — not only in the performance, speed and satellite capacity advantage, but as a great cultural partner in the way we both seek to prioritize the digital experience.”

Don Buchman, Viasat’s Vice President and General Manager added: “From our first discussions with Breeze, there was a great fit based on how the airline values the digital experience for its Guests and how our world-class IFC solution delivers on that promise. Specifically, for their expanding network and transcontinental routes, we can deliver the industry’s fastest in-flight connectivity service—even for bandwidth-intensive applications like streaming video, which dominate internet traffic today.”

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