July 13 2021  |  Connectivity & Satellites

Handling e-health

By Jane Hobson

This is a special feature from PAX Tech's July 2021 Cabin Hygiene, Seating & IFEC digital edition.

The Mint by Moment Care solution is a digital e-health platform accessible by patients from their television, computer, tablets and smartphones. It offers entertainment and tracks practical information, such as map of the health facility building and the ability to message the nurse

The last 18 months have highlighted both the importance of reliable digital connections and health. Moment, a France-based entertainment, e-commerce and connectivity provider for the travel industry, has merged both with a new e-health subsidiary.

Moment introduced its healthcare arm Moment Care earlier this year. Developed by Moment Care, the Mint solution is a digital e-health platform accessible by patients from their television, computer, tablets and smartphones. The mission is to support patients during their stay in a healthcare establishment through entertainment, information and connectivity services.

Moment Care was in the works before COVID-19, but the pandemic accelerated the project, explains Camille Cruchaudet, Marketing Manager at Moment. While still in its early stages, there has been a positive response. Five trials by health facilities are in progress, and the company plans to announce an important partnership with a pharmacy group in France shortly, including nearly 1,000 pharmacies.

“We have always thought that our solutions would have a natural fit in the healthcare industry, because patients can have a restrictive journey while hospitalized or in healthcare facilities. Waiting and stress are regularly cited as concerns,” says Cruchaudet.

Moment also has a vision to develop a complementary care solution in favor of a positive hospitalization experience – which can be contribute to a boost in morale and even recovery, she says. E-health also has benefits such as data handling and the ability to monitor patients remotely.

“The hospital model is set to evolve. Faced with high bed occupancy rate, medical organizations could favor an outpatient model,” Cruchaudet says. “Moment Care supports this new model where patients no longer feel isolated and have the necessary information.”

The platform centralizes hundreds of content and services in one portal, allowing patients and their visitors to access live and on-demand content including TV, movies, press titles, games, podcasts, books and more. For health, the platform organizes medical information (appointments, treatments, message notifications, prevention) for patients to better understand their health. The platform provides access to other practical information, such as an interactive map of the building and the ability to message the nurse.

“The solution puts patients back at the heart of the healthcare system by offering them a connected experience for the benefit of their comfort and health. Connected health with Mint makes it possible to make patients feel less lonely,” says Cruchaudet.

Moment Care aims to become one of the leaders in the digitization of the patient experience in Europe by 2025.

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