June 22 2021  |  Connectivity & Satellites

Collins launches cabin solution for crew and passengers

By Rick Lundstrom

Collins Aerospace recently launched its new Electronic Cabin Bag (eCB) Solution.

The eCB digitalizes and automates cabin crew tasks and enables passengers to use their personal electronic devices for inflight shopping and service requests.

“By digitizing documents, inflight processes and inflight inventory, the eCB solution puts the information that the cabin crew needs to better serve passengers on a single device, replacing traditional paper-heavy processes,” said a release from Collins Aerospace. “The solution also eliminates the need for passengers to touch high-traffic call buttons.”

Collins designed the eCB to enable airline passengers to access real-time onboard inventory of food, beverage and inflight shopping at any stage during the flight. The eCB is further enhanced when the aircraft has a satellite connection to enable real-time credit card payment verification — reducing the levels of fraudulent transactions.

“eCB gives airlines a boost in efficiency and ancillary revenue while simultaneously helping their passengers and crew feel confident in returning to travel,” said Clotilde Enel-Rehel, general manager for Commercial Aviation and Network Services for Collins Aerospace. “The data and analytics generated by eCB will also enable airlines to make informed decisions to better support their strategic and tactical planning.”

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