May 26 2021  |  Connectivity & Satellites

​Viasat to fly on 230 additional Delta domestic aircraft

By Rick Lundstrom

Viasat Inc. announced yesterday that Delta Air Lines has selected the company’s inflight connectivity solution for more than 230 domestic mainline, narrow-body aircraft.

Under this expansion, select aircraft from Delta’s A321neo, A220-300, 737-800, A 320ceo and A319 fleets will be retrofitted with Viasat’s next-generation Ka-band satellite technology. This new aircraft award is in addition to the more than 300 Delta aircraft already announced in January 2021.

With Viasat’s satellite technology – featuring enhanced capacity, quality and speed – Delta passengers can stream video or music, browse websites, connect to email, use apps and more—all on their own personal electronic devices. Additionally, a single Viasat high-capacity Ka-band satellite antenna will power IFC while simultaneously providing live TV access to the seatback screens.

“By equipping more than 230 additional aircraft with Viasat IFC, Delta is validating how the system can scale,” said Don Buchman, Viasat Vice President and General Manager, Commercial Aviation. “We have a proven in-flight connectivity solution that will meet the demands of Delta customers today and the expected increase in demand in the future.”

Select Delta aircraft will be outfitted with Viasat's latest Ka-band IFC system and will be compatible with Viasat's complete network of satellites, including Viasat's first-generation spacecraft and partner satellites, its second-generation spacecraft ViaSat-2, and the forthcoming ViaSat-3 constellation, which is expected to offer global coverage with nearly eight times more capacity than Viasat's current fleet. Viasat’s IFC solution is an ideal offering to meet both current and future demand, as Delta expects increases for enhanced passenger connectivity and streaming services.

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