May 25 2021  |  Connectivity & Satellites

Intelsat to update on IFC innovation efforts at Virtual Expo

By Jane Hobson

With FTE APEX Virtual Expo 2021 kicking off May 25, Intelsat shares with PAX Tech what it plans to focus on at the event.

Intelsat is actively working with ecosystem partners to adapt to evolving demands in IFC including the increase in passenger reliance on digital technology that supports the growing number of people now working remotely. Passengers expect the same level of connectivity onboard the aircraft that they have at home, and improving the passenger experience with reliable, easy-to-use Internet is a priority for airlines to bolster passenger satisfaction.

Additionally, Intelsat tells PAX it will soon announce its next generation capabilities with Intelsat-40e and innovations behind its Software-Defined Satellites which can be adjusted and configured while in orbit, improving the economic equation for customers.

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