February 26 2020  |  Connectivity & Satellites

Axinom pioneers app-free browser-based IFE

By Jane Hobson

Axinom has become the first digital solutions provider in the industry to provide a production common media application format (CMAF) with cipher block chaining encryption (CBCS). The technology eliminates the need for a native app and multiple file-formats to deliver video content to mobile devices.

"Smart and portable devices have become a crucial part of consumer experience and adopting this trend to aerospace not only enhances the value but also makes digital operations more efficient," reads the company's press release.

The first adoption of the solution by a notable industry-leading integrator came in the form of a streaming solution that uses Axinom VIP (Video Ingest and Processing) to encode and package video assets in the CMAF file format. A multi-screen IFEC offering with modern technological solutions allows passengers to use whatever personal devices they want on board to consume entertainment or connectivity.

The new solution also offers cost benefits by eliminating the need for an app, multiple file-formats and vast amounts of space for storage and playback of videos. The practical solution extends to a large number of commonly used devices and platforms.

“The CMAF format paired with the common encryption scheme makes the assets inter-operable across device platforms while maintaining industry-grade security,” says Ralph Wagner, Chief Executive Officer of Axinom. “This is a crucial step in our initiative to bring standardization in the digital vertical of the aerospace industry.”

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