October 21 2019  |  Connectivity & Satellites

OneWeb brings bizjet solution to NBAA-BACE

By Rick Lundstrom

Carole Plessy joints OneWeb from Inmarsat

OneWeb will bring high speed, low latency in-flight connectivity to business aviation users – creating a “fit for business” cabin in the sky, the company announced today.

“With global services beginning in 2021, OneWeb’s inflight service will connect unconnected routes such as the Arctic from the outset, and business jet fliers will be able to access all applications from their office in the air,” said a release from OneWeb.

OneWeb plans line-fit solution for the lightest of business jets through to large cabin VVIP airliners and new supersonic offerings. The business aviation team, led by Dylan Browne, Head of OneWeb’s Business Aviation, Government and Maritime sectors, is attending the NBAA-BACE in this week in Las Vegas.

“Our vision for business aviation is fully customized, truly global, uninterrupted high-speed connectivity and we are building an eco-system for this sector,” said Browne. “Business jet users want to make their time onboard count. They need to be able to access the same tools in the sky as on the ground. OneWeb will make it possible for all the software applications used in an office to be available in the sky. We are duly looking forward to our debut at the world’s biggest business aviation gathering, with a vast range of specialist companies represented under one roof, including resellers and antenna suppliers.”

When OneWeb goes live, passengers will be able to fully participate in necessary business operations such as multiple simultaneous uninterrupted live video conferences, access cloud solutions such as Office365, connect with Live TV, as well as content streaming apps such as Netflix and Amazon Video, but also keep up to date with the family on FaceTime and WhatsApp.

OneWeb has been focused in the past months on growing its Business Aviation team and recently welcomed satellite mobility expert Carole Plessy, who previously headed product development at Inmarsat. Plessy joins Ed Slater, who led airborne communication systems and planning for Air Force One during President George W. Bush and President Barack Obama’s terms, in the business aviation team.

OneWeb will deploy more than 30 satellites on a monthly basis starting in December 2019.

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