September 9 2019  |  Connectivity & Satellites

Wavestream first to release Ka-band transceiver for IFC

By Jane Hobson

Satellite communications designer and manufacturer Wavestream has announced today the availability of its new high-power solid-state transceiver for inflight connectivity.

It is the first transceiver to operate in extended Ka-band frequencies of 27.5-30.0 GHz on current geosynchronous (GEO) networks and has the potential to enable services for non-geostationary-satellite orbit (NGSO) constellations. The transceiver is currently undergoing line fit qualification for Airbus and Boeing aircraft, in support of a service provider’s production orders scheduled for delivery later this year.

The transceiver supplies 25W of output power and is designed for inflight connectivity terminal integrators, commercial airlines and business jet owners who want to access bandwidth resources that will be available soon on upcoming low earth orbit (LEO) and medium earth orbit (MEO) satellite networks.

Bob Huffman, General Manager of Wavestream, said in today’s statement from the company: “Our extended Ka-band transceiver underscores our leadership position in the inflight connectivity space…We were the first to market Ku and Ka BUCs optimized for IFC over GEO satellites – and now, we are proud to be the first to market an extended Ka-band product supporting LEO/MEO constellations.”

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