August 6 2018  |  Connectivity & Satellites

​Wamos Air adds Immfly to long-haul service

By Rick Lundstrom

The lineup of entertainment content on Wamos Air

For the second time, Immfly is providing its in-flight digital services for long-haul airline service - this time with Spanish airline Wamos Air, in its 747-400. This is the fourth Spanish airline that has selected Immfly.

The new onboard entertainment and digital services platform Wamos On Air, designed and developed by Immfly, is now available for passengers via their own phones, tablets, and laptops.

The airline has one million passengers per year. Passengers can access the onboard service by activating the airplane mode on the mobile, tablet or laptop; selecting the Wi-Fi network and typing at the browser.

Several movies, but also TV-shows, newspapers, magazines, kids section are now at passenger’s fingertips. Recent examples of the movie offering are The Shape of Water, The Revenant, The Greatest Showman, X-Men and Birdman.

As the airline’s audience is considerably diverse, Wamos Air and Immfly focused on providing different content modules for every type of passenger (distinct ages and languages). There is kids section dedicated to the youngest, Music in documentary format, multiple games, are available both in English and Spanish.

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