August 5 2015  |  Food & Beverage


By Melissa Silva

Company Name: DFMi

Company Location: Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas and London

Description: DFMi is pleased to introduce Nutster, a  family-owned and operated company that has been committed to making unique products by using premium quality Fair Trade chocolate and 'better for you' ingredients for more than 60 years. Nutsters are made in the company's California-based factory by using only natural, non-GMO ingredients, including dry roasted California almonds and Greek yogurt filling with real fruit. Made without any artificial flavors, colors, transfats, preservatives or any unnecessary, unhealthy ingredients, Nutsters is a healthy snack that doesn't sacrifice taste. Nutsters are currently available in all of North America in the following packaging formats: single wrapped (ideal for a complimentary snack offering) and five-piece re-sealable bags (ideal for onboard sales and gifting).

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