May 27 2015  |  Food & Beverage

Siberian Sturgeon – Blue Edition

By Melissa Silva

Company Name: Vivace Caviar

Company Location: Bremerhaven, Germany

Description: Vivace Caviar is proud to present its Siberian Sturgeon – Blue Edition. Because sturgeons are typically killed for a kilogram of caviar when their first eggs mature at the age of six or more years, resulting in more and more species of sturgeon becoming endangered, Vivace produces its caviar using a natural process, that does not involve killing sturgeons. This process was developed by a marine biologist in Bremerhaven, Germany, who established that endangered sturgeon no longer have to be killed in order to harvest their roe. As a result, Vivace caviar is the world’s first ethical and sustainable caviar that is not pasteurized and contains no preservatives. 

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