May 5 2015  |  Food & Beverage

Hot Beverage Cups

By Melissa Silva

Company: Global Inflight Products

Location: Redmond, Washington

Description: Global Inflight Products is pleased to introduce its Hot Beverage Cups for inflight use. Available in all sizes, the Hot Beverage Cups are fully customizable, available in any color, and can be made with a single or double wall and with or without a sleeve. Customizations include: Metallic Finish cup, available in gold, silver, steel and copper; ‘Allegro’ single wall compostable cup, which is biodegradable, uses organic inks and features high-quality graphics; ‘Sonata’ single wall kraft cup, which is thicker and features a more natural look and better insulation over the single wall white cup; ‘Baroque’ rippled design cup, available in any color and ripple — waves, horizontal, vertical and diagonal — made with soy inks, recycled paper and provides an easy grip; ‘Staccato’ insulated bubble cup, available in any color, providing easy grip;  and ‘Adagio’ double wall kraft cup, featuring a natural look, making it ideal for the application of high quality graphics.  

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