April 23 2015  |  Food & Beverage

Eleon Extra Virgin Olive Oil

By Melissa Silva

Company: Navarino Icons

Location: Athens, Greece

Description: Navarino Icons presents Eleon Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which was on display at this year’s WTCE in Hamburg.  Made without any artificial flavors or aromas, Eleon Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made exclusively from single variety olives, the acclaimed Koroneiki variety, grown in the seaside groves of Costa Navarino. Carefully hand-harvested from centuries-old trees without the interference of harvesting machines that may injure the fruit, the healthiest olives are selected and taken to the nearby mill within hours after picking where olive oil extraction begins immediately. The immediacy from field to mill to processing using the most advanced decanter centrifugal method, guarantees the lowest possible olive oil acidity (below 0.3%) and full release of the fruits’ aromas. Milled for less than 20 minutes in room temperature, olives retain their nutritional value and preserve their flavor and distinctive aroma, resulting in an oil that is thick, fruity and spicy with notes of freshly cut grass.

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