October 24 2014  |  Food & Beverage

FlyFit’s halal-certified yoghurt and bars

By Melissa Silva

FlyFit’s Healthy Yoghurt and Nutritional bars have been halal certified.

Along with containing no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, FlyFit’s yoghurt is vegetarian friendly, low in fat and gluten free. It can be stored at ambient temperature and has a six-month shelf life.

 FlyFit's halal-certified Healthy Yoghurt and Nutritional Bars (seen here with FlyFit's Blueberry Drink)


FlyFit’s yoghurt fits easily on a tray or in a snack box, and is also available with a cup of granola, making it ideal for breakfast.


FlyFit’s Nutritional Bars have also been halal certified, and contain vitamins and fruit pieces at only 77 Kcalories per serving. Small enough to fit inside any snack box, FlyFit’s bars are available in a mini 10-gram size option. 

To learn more about FlyFit's products, visit www.flyfit.com and facebook.com/FlyFitHealth


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