November 20 2013  |  Food & Beverage

All-natural and preservative-free beverage

By Tanya Filippelli

 Portable, five-liter bag-in-the-box beverage

Company Name: Leahy-IFP
Company Location:  Glenview, Illinois
Description of Product: Space Saver™ is a fresh tasting, all-natural and preservative-free beverage line designed for caterers looking for high volume, shelf stable drinks without the need for equipment. This portable, five-liter bag-in-the-box features a convenient, “no-drip” spout and fits neatly in the refrigerator or storage space. SpaceSaver™ contains 200% RDA of Vitamin C, and is GMO-Free. The sustainably sourced, planet-friendly packaging reduces waste and is recyclable. Space Saver™ is available in 6 flavors.

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