EcoLite® Cart

Diethelm Keller Aviation presents The EcoLite®, which was designed and developed through a meticulous engineering pursuit of balancing weight reduction - while offering better user features, thermal performance and aesthetics.

The Zonal Drying™ System

The Zonal Drying™ System from CTT prevents condensation in modern aircraft, resulting in lower fuel consumption and emissions.

AVID's new noise cancelling headset

AVID has introduced a new high quality noise-cancelling headset called the AVID Clarity NC.

Love the glove

AmSafe Interior Products has recently launched the Grip Glove, a CE certified tool offering flight attendants greater protection when operating steam ovens onboard.

Ultraleather from Tapis

Ultraleather from Tapis was created to do everything leather and composite materials made of recycled leather waste fibers can do – only better.

Brand awareness across the cabin

ABC International presents their innovative Decorative Crests, a unique product which allows operators to show their corporate brand logo throughout the cabin.

New color combination headphones

InflightDirect is pleased to announce the new line of inexpensive headphone models that are produced in a multitude of color combinations to appeal to the younger travelers.

SmartTray X1™ airline tray table

The X1 tray table features a hands-free experience, using a built-in groove for holding tablets, and personal cell phones.

All purpose cleaner

Armchem's Dominate is a heavy duty cleaner degreaser that dissolves, suspends and floats away dirt, oil, grease and other tough soils, yet is very gentle on hands.

Columbus economy class seat family

Aviointeriors has announced their new Columbus economy class seat family, which offers a combination of low weight and modularity.

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