Etihad Decorative Crest

ABC International has manufactured and certified a Decorative Crest for Etihad Airways' First Class cabin, which mirrors the design of the new 787 Dreamliner Fleet

Stackable Food Drawer

Onboard Logistics' updated Stackable Food Drawer features stackable drawers that are air vented to keep food chilled

Next Generation SmartTray

Slotted groove accommodates devices within cases

Inflight Tidy Kit

RMT Global Partners has launched its Inflight Tidy Kit

Music to your ears

Buzz has facilitated an inflight collaboration opportunity between Billboard and Delta Air Lines.

Listen in

High-performance noise-canceling headphones

Stackable food drawers

Stackable food drawers by Onboard Logistics

Sleek and functional solution

Slim and light

Innovative management


Simple and practical

New combi-steamer

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