AE-222 headset

Company Name: AVID Airline Products
Company Location: Middletown, Rhode Island
Description: AVID is proud to introduce the AE-222 headset, an innovative reusable headset for Economy Class. AVID designed the AE-222 headset from scratch to be fully reusable and ergonomically optimized. The headband’s unique shape, combined with the tilted ear cup, its scalloped design and ball mount, ensure an easy hold and full adhesion to the head. The result is minimal sound leakage and optimal noise reduction, without any pressure for total comfort, even on long-haul flights. the AE-222 headset is available in six versions, two speaker magnet materials (ferrite or eodymium) and three ear pad materials (foam, vinyl, or leatherette). The ear pads are easy to replace for multiple use.