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August 4 2016

Group SOI's Vegetable Minestrone…

Part of its Autumn Selection offering, Group SOI's Vegetable Minestrone Soup is made with healthy ingredients and is also…

By Melissa Silva

July 26 2016

MadeGood Granola Bars and Minis

Available in five flavors, MadeGood Granola Bars and Minis are organic, gluten-free and non-GMO project verified and free…

By Melissa Silva

January 7 2016

FlyFit Healthy Chews (Halal)

FlyFit Healthy Chews (Halal) with vitamin C, E and Zinc nourish skin and help reduce fatigue

By Melissa Silva

August 5 2015


Made by using only natural, non-GMO ingredients, including dry roasted California almonds and Greek yogurt filling with real…

By Melissa Silva

June 3 2015

FlyFit Flow Travel Cap

FlyFit Flow Travel Cap is a unique capsule developed to maintain healthy blood flow during…

By Melissa Silva

May 28 2015

Crushed Roasted Eggplant Purée

Navarino Icons' Crushed Roasted Eggplant Purée is made from the finest quality eggplants, hand-picked when ripened to perfection

By Melissa Silva

April 27 2015

Antioxidant Mix

FlyFit introduces its new Antioxidant Mix with cranberries, almonds, walnuts, banana chips, blueberries and peaches

By Melissa Silva

April 1 2015

Bite-Size Cocktail Pita Bread

Nina Bakery will present its Bite-Size Cocktail Pita Bread at this year’s WTCE in Hamburg

By Melissa Silva

December 11 2014

Bella Bruschetta

En Route launches a new range of healthy snacks inspired by the Mediterranean

By Melissa Silva

October 24 2014

FlyFit’s halal-certified yoghurt…

FlyFit’s Healthy Yoghurt and Nutritional Bars have been halal certified

By Melissa Silva

June 11 2013

Nothing but natural

Mamma Chia, the organic food and beverage company that originated the chia beverage category,…

By Lauren Brunetti

January 2 2013

Get Movin' cookies and crackers

All natural and preservative free, Get Movin' snack pack cookies and crackers provide a healthy option for eating on the…

By Lauren Brunetti

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