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January 29 2018

New FlyFit mix to launch on US…

First airline customers expected to begin serving FlyFit's latest mix over the coming weeks

By Rachel Debling

January 15 2018

Jetstar Australia serves vegan-friendly…

Two vegan noodle flavors are currently being offered on the Australian airline

By Rachel Debling

January 12 2018

Top honors for Navarino Icons Extra…

The Costa Navarino brand named EVOO of 2017 by World Ranking Extra Virgin Olive Oil

By Rachel Debling

December 14 2017

Artisanal-quality frozen pasta…

More than 200 products that uphold the highest of quality and food safety standards.

By Rachel Debling

November 28 2017

The New Millenial Cookie and Bar

FlyFit 100% oat cookie and bar are made in 0.25 ounce mini and 0.5 ounce sizes.

By Rachel Debling

November 20 2017

Bioveggie provides vegetable-powered…

The tablets maintain 80 to 90% of a vegetable’s natural vitamins after it is processed

By Ash Khan

November 20 2017

New brown rice snacks from NUHEALTH

These products are produced without any yeast or frying, and they contain no GMOs, no glutamate, no artificial flavors or…

By Ash Khan

August 10 2017

FlyFit's expanded chocolate range

The five new flavors will be officially launched at this September's IFSA Expo in Long Beach

By Melissa Silva

July 21 2017

Desert salt from the Kalahari

Oryx Desert Salt is unrefined desert salt, free from any additives, chemicals, bleaching and preservatives.

By Rick Lundstrom

May 24 2017


Packed with essential vitamins and minerals as well as a powerful rehydration mixture, PHIZZ aids water absorption to battle…

By Melissa Silva

May 9 2017

‘Live Oil’ range from Group SOI

The extra virgin olive oils are available in two sizes: 15ml pet bottles and 100ml glass bottles,…

By Melissa Silva

May 2 2017

Jymy 1917 Organic Pine Ice Cream

The sweet treat has been added to Finnair’s Business Class menus for the centenary of Finland´s independence

By Melissa Silva

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