January 29 2018  |  Food & Beverage

New FlyFit mix to launch on US carrier

By Rachel Debling

FlyFit is introducing a new product aimed to enhance the well-being of travelers and other people on the move. Available in 3.75 oz. resealable packaging that stands all on its own, FlyFit Protein Nut Mix is a healthy snack that provides nourishment and supplies energy on-the-go, thanks to its blend of walnuts, chickpeas, peanuts and cashews.

Developed in partnership between FlyFit and King Nut and produced in the USA, the new FlyFit Protein Nut Mix joins the company's family of mixes already on market, including Antioxidant Nut Mix, Omega Nut Mix, Energy Nut Mix and Happy Healthy and Wise Nut Mix. Keep your eyes peeled onboard for this snack option – the first US carrier is set to launch the product in early February 2018.

FlyFit's Protein Nut Mix is gluten-free, suitable for vegans, and pareve- and Kosher-certified.

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