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QSAI launches workshop at IATA’s 2018 Bangkok conference

By PAX International

International collaboration, recognition of diversity and commitment to best practices are the core values that underpin the Quality & Safety Alliance for Inflight Services (“QSAI”). For over 35 years, the QSAI Alliance Members, Medina Quality Inc. (“MQ”) and 12 international airline and railway operators have worked together to create an international platform that posits care and customer satisfaction at the forefront of the passenger’s onboard experience.

Since its inception, QSAI brings together a passionate network of industry stakeholders who believe that a great passenger experience is fundamental to success. It is the only international independent food safety and quality management program led by airline and railway operators to improve inflight catering for the benefit of passengers and crew.

On May 8th, 2018, MQ on behalf of the QSAI is hosting a dedicated workshop for airline safety teams at the International Air Transport Association (“IATA”) Cabin Operations Safety Conference (“COSC”) in Bangkok, Thailand. This workshop, entitled “Onboard Food | Building Opportunities or Risky Business?”, will explore inflight catering and its associated risks from an interdisciplinary perspective.

With the recent highly publicized food safety incidents at inflight catering facilities in Los Angeles, California (“LAX”), and more recently in Erlanger, Kentucky (“CVS”), there is an increasing concern for food safety and therefore a growing demand for quality oversight of airlines’ partner kitchens.

Furthermore, the advent of social media and a growing diversity in food preferences have changed the face of the global travel industry and customer needs and demands. Passengers now engage with brands on a variety of fronts, both online and in person.

“Today, discussions around food safety and quality management are not limited to an airline’s inflight catering or quality team,” states Sylvain Bugeya, Operations Manager – Client Relationship Management of MQ. “A single onboard food safety incident can go viral and have consequential effects on an airline’s revenue and brand equity.”

Airline and railway operators interested in participating in the IATA Cabin Operations Safety Conference are invited to attend this onboard food safety workshop on May 8th, 2018, from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm. As space is limited, participants are encouraged to register early.

In addition, airline and railway operators who participate in this workshop may receive an invitation to attend the 10th Annual QSAI Excellence Awards Gala Ceremony, hosted by MQ on May 10th, 2018, in Bangkok, Thailand.

To learn more about the QSAI Programme, the 10th Annual QSAI Excellence Awards or the upcoming IATA COSC onboard food safety workshop, please visit www.QSAIInternational.com or contact Sylvain Bugeya, Operations Manager – Client Relationship Management at Medina Quality Inc., at (+1 514 485 9552).

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