June 12 2020  |  Aviation Trends

HAECO’s new lavatory solutions have hands-free features

By Rick Lundstrom

A foot controlled flush switch was designed into the new toilet from HAECO

HAECO Cabin Solutions in Greensboro, North Carolina, has launched three devices to upgrade aircraft lavatories to hands-free operation.

The devices include: An electric foot-controlled switch for flushing toilets, an infrared sensor-based waste basket lid for disposal of toilet waste and a refillable hand sanitizer dispenser, eliminating the need for disposable sanitizing wipes and paper towels. The dispenser may also be used in other areas of aircraft interiors.

HAECO is offering these upgrades individually, to allow airlines to choose the device or devices that would provide them the most value.

“In our current environment and expectations for the future, passengers would greatly benefit from these enhancements to on-board sanitation,” said Doug Rasmussen, President and Group Director of HAECO Cabin Solutions in today's announcement of the new products. “These devices are already familiar to consumers, and we can certify their use in aircraft for integration into the aircraft cabin.”

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