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August 27 2013

Buddy Fruits

Healthy blends of fruit in a squeezable pouch

By Tanya Filippelli

August 26 2013

Seal of approval

Re-usable, tamper evident seals for catering and duty free carts

By Tanya Filippelli

August 23 2013

Heat sensitive coffee lids

Smart Lid Systems has introduced its heat sensitive, color changing disposable beverage lids that turn bright red with heat…

By Tanya Filippelli

August 12 2013

Innovative aisle widening seats

Molon Lab Designs, an aircraft interiors design house which focuses on improving airline profitability, offers innovative…

By Lauren Brunetti

August 7 2013

Going green

BioGreen Products offer fully compostable paper hot cups, certified biodegradable cutlery and…

By Lauren Brunetti

July 28 2013

A new look at melamine

RMT Global Partners now offers a new range of lightweight and durable melamine dishes and serving trays, which can cut the…

By Lauren Brunetti

July 22 2013

Range of inflight headphones

Shanghai Haoliwen specializes in a wide variety of aviation supplies, including headsets, textiles, and amenity kits.

By Lauren Brunetti

July 19 2013

Unique hand sanitizer

Midway Advanced Products proudly presents B4, a single-use hand sanitizer liquid packet, which kills 99.9% of common bacteria…

By Lauren Brunetti

July 11 2013

Superior non-toxic cleaner

Armchem's new Luster® Superior Aerosol Metal Cleaner & Polish is a food grade, odorless emulsified cleaner made to restore…

By Lauren Brunetti

July 5 2013

Fruit and veggie puree snacks

Peter Rabbit Organics, makers of the first line of USDA Certified Organic fruit and veggie puree snacks, have recently expanded…

By Lauren Brunetti

July 5 2013

Inflight catering disposables

Deeko Bahrain’s assortment of inflight catering disposables are most versatile for use inside…

By Lauren Brunetti

July 4 2013

Unique air freshener

Freshorize has developed a new operating system which incorporates a unique material that has micro capillaries.

By Lauren Brunetti

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