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July 1 2020

Emirates resumes premium services…

Emirates resumes premium services a Dubai hub

By Rick Lundstrom

April 15 2020

Emirates and Dubai Health test…

The rapid on-site tests took place for a flight from Dubai to Tunisia

By Rick Lundstrom

October 1 2019

Etihad launches lifestyle shopping…

Etihad launches lifestyle shopping guide 'Vibe’, offering fashion tips and trends, Fashion Week event coverage and more

By Jane Hobson

July 23 2019

Emirates gives the Dubai Rugby…

The A380 is helping to mark the event's 50th anniversary

By Rachel Debling

June 18 2019

No more single-use plastics for…

Straws and stir sticks to be affected, as well as plastic bags

By Rachel Debling

April 16 2019

Emirates serves crew-designed First…

Jeeye Kang won the airline's "Biggest Foodie" contest with her Tofu Royale recipe

By Rachel Debling

December 27 2018

​Emirates opens new lounge at FCO

Rome lounge is 950 square meters and seats 162

By Rick Lundstrom

November 6 2018

Emirates to launch new 777 cabin…

The private suites on Emirates' 777 offer up to 40 square feet of personal space in a 1-1-1 configuration

By Rick Lundstrom

October 29 2018

Emirates testing "biometric path"…

Facial and iris recognition part of initial rollout

By Rick Lundstrom

July 12 2018

​Emirates opens airport lounge…

Emirates has invested more than US$3.6 million in its new premium Cairo offering

By Rick Lundstrom

April 3 2018

Two Middle East airlines offer…

​Emirates and Etihad Airways are both testing an immersive cinematic experience in their lounges…

By Rick Lundstrom

August 1 2017

Emirates' new lounge concept takes…

The latest makeover of the lounge, inspired by private yacht cabins, features a more intimate and social area.

By Rick Lundstrom

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