July 24 2020  |  Airline & Terminal News

The Bottega Prosecco Bar reopens at Fiumicino Airport

By Jane Hobson

The Bottega Prosseco Bar at Rome Fiumicino Airport

The Bottega Prosecco Bar has announced the reopening of the restaurant in the International flights area at Rome Fiumicino.

To manage the reopening, Bottega and its partners have developed a safety protocols that utilizes the company's experience in hygiene management of both the cellar and the distillery.

Specifically, the premises have been equipped with aeration systems with sanitized air, "an effective barrier against any type of virus," according to the July 23 press release. The staff have received training and each table is sanitized before the customer sits down and equipped with sanitizer for customer use. Staff must wear protective masks, and staff uniform and the restaurant surfaces are sanitized daily.

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