March 12 2018  |  Airline & Terminal News

Liberty Diner brings a classic American diner to life at Newark Liberty International Airport

By Jas Ryat

SSP America welcomes an American diner at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Liberty Diner in Terminal B joins Gateside Fresh Market , two units in Terminal A, which were previously opened markets opened by SSP America in 2017.

The Liberty Diner serves up authentic American dishes that are reminiscent of traditional Americas diners

The Liberty Diner was created specifically for Newark Liberty International Airport. The 3,853sq ft. diner puts a classic spin on the iconic style of the traditional American diner. Serving classic American dishes—from breakfast favorites of bacon, eggs, pancakes and waffles available all throughout the day, to double-fisted burgers, chocolate shakes, meatloaf sandwiches and expertly grilled sirloin steaks.

Quality passenger experience will drive business with more passenger traffic

Paul Loupakos, Vice President of Business Development commented, “Liberty Diner and our two markets have been tailored specifically for EWR and will result in quality passenger experience that draws higher throughput and ultimately maximizes revenue. The concept of Liberty Diner is on trend given a current focus on nostalgia and elevated comfort food, but it also is a classic concept with broad appeal.”

As the 16th busiest airport in North America, Newark Liberty International Airport welcomes over 40 million passengers per year, and employs approximately 21,000 people. The airport contributes an estimated $27.2 billion in economic activity to the New York-New Jersey metropolitan region, generating about 188,000 total jobs and $10 billion in annual wages and salaries.

“We’re excited to partner with SSP America to continue enhancing the traveler experience at Newark Liberty Terminal B,” said Iris Messina, Westfield Vice President, Leasing. "A tribute to a classic American diner, Liberty Diner will surely delight customers and put smiles on their faces.”

(via Americas, Asia, Gulf-Africa Duty Free & Travel Retailing Magazine)

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