January 3 2018  |  Tableware & Serveware

Alessi for Delta awarded top honors

By Rachel Debling

Buzz has received recognition from two industry organizations for their serviceware program, Alessi for Delta.

Lifestyle and design journal Monocle named the program best in class in the category of “high-flying team-up” for their annual “Travel Top 50” list. Buzz also took the best in Equipment – Passenger prize at the The Mercurys in Abu Dhabi this past December.

“Everything about the design and execution of these items was exquisite with attention to practicality, weight and the passenger experience,” the Mercury judges were quoted as saying in a December release by Buzz. “The designs by Alessi are clean and sharp without being impractical. The build quality and attention to detail is flawless. A brilliant example of cooperation resulting in perfection.”

Leonard Hamersfeld, Director at Buzz, also commented: “At Buzz, we challenge ourselves to develop products that continually push the boundaries of design. We are extremely passionate about the work we do, and the collaborations with our clients. This is a great achievement for our airline partners, as well as our teams.”

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