September 3 2020  |  Catering

OzHarvest receives dnata donations

By Rick Lundstrom

The Australia branch of dnata catering has has been donating food items in partnership with food and rescue charity, OzHarvest.

Since March of this year, dnata catering has delivered excess food weekly, with 550,000 food items received so far. This has resulted in 180,000 meals for several charities and causes across the country.

“With a strong desire to help our people and others in need, we reached out to our charity partners to donate food items and pre-prepared meals, while also creating hampers and meals for our employees,” Hiranjan Aloysius, Chief Executive Officer from dnata catering said in yesterday’s announcement. “We will continue our efforts to make a positive impact through initiatives such as food donations and look forward to continuing to work closely with our partners in Australia. Unfortunately, we had to make the difficult decision to stand down a portion of our employees and as an organization we are very conscious of the impact the recent situation can have on families across Australia. In spite of difficult times, dnata remains committed to supporting all of the communities in which we operate and helping those in need.”

Since 2015, dnata catering has donated more than 934,000 meals to OzHarvest that helps not only reduce food waste and environmental impact, but also helps communities, schools and organizations in need.

“We are incredibly grateful to dnata catering for their ongoing support,” said Ronni Kahn, CEO and Founder of OzHarvest. “Thanks to their generous food donations, we have been able to deliver more than 160,000 meals since March this year to people in need across Australia.”

In addition to donations for OzHarvest, dnata catering’s network of 15 Australian production facilities distributed a multitude of food items to local Australian food charities, children’s hospitals, religious organizations, homeless shelters and others in need.

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