July 25 2019  |  Catering

TFK Narita awarded Delta’s International Caterer of the Year

By Rick Lundstrom

The TFK team at Narita Airport scored 100% in Delta's supplier ratings and had zero accidents

TFK Corporation Narita, which serves approximately 40 weekly Delta Air Lines flights, selected the airline’s “2018 International Caterer Of The Year.”

“Based on Delta’s selection criteria which includes food quality, operational performance, and customer satisfaction of the food served on-board, TFK achieved the very highest score of 100% on Delta’s Supplier Performance Management Tracking (SPMT) Program,” said a release from TFK.

TFK’s safety record of zero aircraft delays or aircraft accidents during the year aided Delta in their on time performance. Ted Baier, Delta Air Lines’ Director, Catering Operations said that “the performance was remarkable and the very best in our worldwide catering network.”

A ceremony was held at the TFK’s Narita facility to celebrate the event. Chris Fay, Delta’s General Manager, Catering Operations presented TFK’s President, Hirohito Sato, with the official Award.

“We are very honoured to be awarded this distinguished recognition of our commitment to the highest quality of in-flight catering and services,” Sato said. “We look forward to continuing to serve Delta Air Lines at both Narita and increasingly at Haneda International Airport.”

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