March 12 2018  |  Catering

Bottura to join Servair’s Studio Culinaire

By Rick Lundstrom

Chef Massimo Bottura has joined Servair’s culinary excellence center, “Studio Culinaire,” from starting March 1.

Since 2009, the Studio Culinaire has brought Michelin-starred chefs and experts together with the common goal of raising the quality standards of onboard catering.

Under the chair of l Michelin-starred chef Joël Robuchon, Studio Culinaire has developed high quality key recipes that can be recreated by the more than 400 chefs at gategroup and Servair hubs. The chefs also offer training and workshops throughout the production line - from research and development and global kitchen chefs - to onboard crews and suppliers.

Massimo Bottura is a three-Michelin-star chef who was born and raised in Modena, Italy. He opened “Osteria Francescana” which in 2016 ranked first place of the “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.” Two years ago, Bottura founded “Food for Soul,” a non-profit organization to empower communities to fight against food waste and social isolation.

“We are excited to welcome Massimo Bottura as a member of Studio Culinaire Servair,” said gategroup CEO Xavier Rossinyol. “The engaged Italian chef is a perfect match for this culinary think-tank, and we look forward to the ideas that he and his colleagues will create to further drive excellence in the passengers’ onboard dining experience. Furthermore, we commend his efforts to address the topic of food waste through his ‘Food for Soul’ initiative, as it strongly complements the waste reduction ambitions of the airline industry.”

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