Amenities & Comfort

May 8 2018

Cerruti 1881 kit now flying on…

The Premium Economy kit was developed by skysupply for the German airline

By Rachel Debling

May 7 2018

skysupply develops First Class…

Lufthansa’s latest amenity kits, created by skysupply, bring German brand windsor.’s class and elegance to First Class

By Rachel Debling

March 29 2018

Austrian Airlines releases new…

The Business and Premium Economy Class kits created by skysupply for Austrian Airlines find inspiration in "Austrian charm"

By Rachel Debling

January 3 2018

Family travel made easy with TAP…

TAP's two new kits aim to make traveling with children a stress-free and fun event.

By Rachel Debling

November 22 2017

TAP Air Portugal taps skysupply…

Travelers will find an assortment of traditional Portuguese cosmetics and other amenity items…

By Rachel Debling

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