January 15 2020  |  Catering

AMI Group picks up Fruits For Drinks

By Jane Hobson

Fruits For Drinks is freeze-dried beverage garnish that comes in a variety of flavors.

UK-based freeze-dried garnish solutions company Fruits For Drinks has tapped AMI Group to connect its innovative beverage garnish with the travel industry.

Fruits For Drinks creates freeze-dried citrus fruits and berries to use as garnish. After years of perfecting the freeze-drying process, the premium fruit garnish bursts with color, texture and flavor when added to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Ideal for aircraft, the freeze-dried fruit solution weighs 85 per cent less than fresh and frozen fruit and reduces waste, cost and carbon imprint, all while saving space. The garnish is convenient for crew and passengers as drinks are served more efficiently with the expected freshness and flavor profile of fresh fruit.

“We saw Fruits For Drinks and knew it was a product we had to tell the world about,” said Dan Day, Executive Vice President of US Sales at AMI Inflight, in a release from Fruits For Drinks. "Any company in travel or hospitality which wants to serve their customers with a perfect taste at the same time as increasing margin and improving sustainability needs Fruits For Drinks.”

He added: “We know this product will immediately make a significant and positive impact in the industries we provide solutions for.”

David Ross, Director of Fruits For Drinks, said: “Our ethos and working practice is perfectly aligned with the superb and expert team at AMI Group. Together we know we can make a difference to [the travel, hotel, restaurant and café industry] with Fruits For Drinks.”

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