Terms & Conditions


Once the insertion order is signed or a written agreement by email is in place, the client company is required to forward payment to Global Marketing within 30 days after the publication of the magazine. 

Materials must be sent to Global Marketing by the determined deadline. If the client/company fails to have materials delivered on time, it will still be liable for the payment. This payment agreement will be adhered to even when the client fails to deliver the material by the deadline and the advertisement therefore does not run in the issue. 

Cancellation of this contract, in part or in its entirety, must be provided, in writing or via email, 45 business days in advance of the publication deadline. Cancellations that do not conform to the 45 business day lead-time will run as originally agreed. Furthermore, cancellations will void discounted rates outlined in the agreement. As such, all remaining and previously run advertising will be billed and/or re-billed to the client at full-rate card prices.

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