February 27 2018  |  Cabin Maintenance

Wire edging protection imperative, says new white paper

By Rachel Debling

A new white paper from Device Technologies Inc. (DTi), titled “Implications for OEMs and MROs of Wiring (EWIS) Being Regulated as an Aircraft System," examines regulations surrounding aircraft wiring protection as well as proposing ways to comply with the FAA’s directives.

According to a February 26 release, the paper covers topics such as point-to-point connections, distance of wiring from the structure of the aircraft, appropriate bend radii for re-directed cables, clamping every 14 to 18 inches, and wire protection on sharp edges to prevent chafing and arcing.

Nick Petri, President and CEO of DTi, commented on the purpose of the paper in a statement: “The FAA is clearly placing a greater emphasis on wiring which had rarely received any special maintenance or inspections. They now clearly mandate that all electronic distribution wiring must be protected against wire chafe, wire abrasion and wire arcing. We produced this paper to explain the FAA directive and offer suggestions on how OEMs and MROs can comply.”

The paper also highlights DTi’s Spring-Fast® M22529 anti-chafe edging which, according to the release, "provides better protection than traditional nylon-based solutions at half the install cost." It also states that traditional nylon edging lacks retentive strength and must be adhesive bonded to the airframe, which means a messy and time-consuming installation process. Disbondment and “egg-shaping” of the grommet may also occur, meaning rework may be necessary.

“In contrast, Spring-Fast® grommet edging permanently installs in seconds with no need for adhesives," said Petri. "Just as important, its CRES substrate and patented polymer coating provides superior retentive strength, durability, flame resistance, anti-chafe, and abrasion protection.”

A free copy of the white paper can be downloaded here.

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