February 7 2018  |  Cabin Maintenance

​Zodiac Aerospace selected to retrofit lavatories on SIA 777s

By Rick Lundstrom

The Revolution™ Toilet from Zodiac Aerospace

Zodiac Aerospace Services announced today that Singapore Airlines has selected the Revolution™ Toilet to retrofit its 777 fleet.

Zodiac Aerospace Services and Singapore Airlines have signed a contract to replace their current lavatories and the associated maintenance covered by their Power By the Hour (PBH) program over a period of 10 years.

Developed by Zodiac Water and Waste Systems, the Revolution™ Toilet is designed to reduce toilet problems and maintenance cost, with the product’s modular design while improving the flight experience for Singapore Airlines passengers.

Worldwide, all Airbus A320CEO & NEO and A380 aircraft are delivered line-fit with the Revolution™ Toilet. Major multi-platform operators have started to implement the modification on their Boeing and Airbus fleets.

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