July 12 2017  |  Airline & Terminal News

SITA passenger handling system operating at SEZ

By Rick Lundstrom

The CUPPS system from SITA will optimize passenger handling at Seychelles International Airport

Air Seychelles will be introducing SITA’s common-use passenger processing systems (CUPPS) at Seychelles International Airport in Victoria this week.

“This investment provides greater flexibility for international airlines operating from the airport by allowing them to share common-use terminal equipment for check-in and boarding,” said a release from SITA.  

The airline – which provides ground-handling services to airlines operating from Seychelles International Airport – is currently upgrading its technology. The upgrade is being performed in partnership with the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority and SITA.

The new systems will optimize the use of terminal facilities, speed up the flow of passengers and improve service levels for all international travelers flying from Seychelles International Airport.

“The new common-use terminal equipment will enable Air Seychelles to connect to various Departure Control Systems used by other airlines operating to Seychelles, providing more flexibility to our ground handling operations,” said Roy Kinnear, Chief Executive Officer of Air Seychelles.

Kinnear added the system would streamline the check-in and boarding process for all the international travelers that are handled at Seychelles International Airport.

Gilbert Faure, Chief Executive Officer of the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority, said: “Introducing cutting-edge CUPPS infrastructure at Seychelles International Airport puts us on par with some of the most modern airports in the world. Having a standardized system for handling passengers will improve the airport experience for all international travelers, irrespective of the airline they are flying with, which is a fantastic achievement. We have developed a strong relationship with both Air Seychelles and SITA and are pleased to have worked together to install this new technology."

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