July 6 2016  |  Airline & Terminal News

Canned wine part of selection at HMSHost outlets

By Rick Lundstrom

Travelers can now enjoy sipping on canned wine in many major airports as HMSHost moves forward with presenting them at airport restaurants.

The new product label is called West Side Wine Co. and was developed by PreceptWine’s Grape and Grain innovation division. HMSHost partnered with Precept Wine and Whole Foods Market to roll out this new offering.

“Our team of innovators at HMSHost are always eager to lead and be early adopters of exciting food and beverage trends, which is why we were thrilled at the opportunity to work with Grape & Grain and Whole Foods Market on the West Side canned wine project,” said HMSHost Senior Director of Adult Beverage Doug Draper. “Going through an airport often presents a great chance to enjoy a taste of wine, and with West Side Wine Co.’s canned wine, our guests who are in a rush but still want to have that experience now have a convenient opportunity to do just that.”

The West Side Wine Co.’s canned wine line-up features California appellation wine in popular Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay varieties. Cans are 250 milliliters – just about a glass and a half – and the packaging is modern and clean and easily enjoyed in the airport environment.

HMSHost currently offers West Side Wine Co. canned wine in roughly 20 restaurants in airports across North America including Bubbles in San Diego International Airport, The Local in McCarran International Airport, and Blu20 in Los Angeles International Airport. HMSHost plans to continue expanding the canned wine offering to other applicable locations.


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