February 22 2016  |  Airline & Terminal News

Latest IdeaWorksCompany report sites best of airline websites

By Rick Lundstrom

The latest report from Wisconsin based IdeaWorksCompany reviewed the websites of airlines and details what the company sees as good practices regarding booking paths ─ and also what airlines should avoid.

“Shopkeepers know the best store layout balances an efficient shopping experience with the placement of subtle detours that cause consumers to consider buying more,” said a release from the company.

The company urges airline executives to think like retailers and to create websites that go beyond enabling simple transactions to becoming destinations that "engage and excite consumers."

Among the best found by IdeaWorksCompany:

Aer Lingus offers a good example for airlines to follow with a clean and concise presentation of its a la carte baggage policy through the use of simple graphics and transparent pricing.

Pegasus takes a robust approach to onboard catering; compelling visuals and a minimum of online space represent a good model for airlines to consider.

Spirit Airlines treats seat assignment like items on a store shelf and marks every available seat with a price. Consumers reacted to this fee transparency with seat assignment sales of $76 million for 2014.

SWISS International provides the best example for the presentation of branded fares, which likely encourages more than 40% of consumers to trade up to premium-priced Classic and Flex fares.

WestJet in Canada packs a lot of car rental promotion into a modest amount of space with multiple brands, transparent pricing that includes all fees and taxes, and the lure of bonus frequent flier points.

A full report entitled Path to Profits: How the Best Airlines Promote a la Carte Sales in the Booking Path is available on the company’s website

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