March 31 2015  |  Airline & Terminal News

SSP Group contracts for outlets at BJS

By Rick Lundstrom

The Asia Pacific division of SSP Group has been awarded a six year £60 million (US$89.3 million) contract with Beijing Capital International Airport. The deal will see the company bring eight new outlets to BJS’s Terminal 3 as part of the airport’s extensive expansion to improve facilities and services.

“Beijing airport attracts visitors from all around the globe and our carefully selected brands will offer them the highest quality fresh food, drinks and service,” said Chris Rayner, CEO of SSP Asia Pacific. “We are delighted to be adding to our growing presence in what is a strategically important region for SSP.”

Maxim’s is a Parisian cafe will have an art nouveau décor and serve delicate cakes, patisseries and chocolates.  Passengers will also be able to purchase basket gift sets filled with Maxim’s favorites.

Maan Coffee offers high-quality rich coffee, freshly squeezed fruit juice and a variety of snacks. The menu will include waffles, mini pizzas, cakes, cookies and sandwiches. The café brand has expanded substantially since the first franchise opened its doors in 2012 and now operates in 100 locations.

Gourmet Noodle House operates at 50 locations across China, will offer traditional Shanghai noodle and snack cuisine. Each dish will be individually prepared with raw, fresh local ingredients. 

Caffè Ritazza is SSP’s own brand and is specifically tailored for the travel environment. The outlet offers an assortment of premium coffees from beans which have been hand-picked around the globe. They can choose from a selection of fresh sandwiches and pastries to accompany their traditional Italian coffee.

Goubuli Express is famous for its creation of Tianjin’s signature Goubuli buns and authentic Shandong cuisines and will offer passengers traditional Chinese food, cooked with simple and healthy choices. Specialist dishes include noodles in Peking styled meat sauce, pork trotters in special sauce and dried shrimp and egg fried rice. Passengers will also be able to enjoy Goubuli’s own branded Maotai liquor and beer, and a delectable range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Finally, Tai Hing fuses elements of traditional and modern Asian cuisine and offers a contemporary take on the Hong Kong café concept.  It is renowned for its roasted pork, which is prepared in ovens specially designed by the restaurant, and its chilled original milk tea. Other specialties include supreme char siu, dim sum and Chinese stir-fries. 


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